Thursday, 18 June 2020

Poets of the First World War

If you haven’t yet discovered Connie Ruzich’s weblog Behind their Lines, now is your chance!  Connie has a very different approach to the poets and poetry of the First World War, but I think we complement each other and Connie's posts are always very interesting indeed.   Here is the link to Connie’s weblog

As you are probably aware, my project is an exhibition project and exhibitions are aimed at members of the general public.   The weblogs and Facebook pages are a spin-off which we decided to set up when we realised I was collecting a great deal of information.

Exhibition panels are sent by e-mail free of charge to anyone wishing to host an exhibition. Full list of panels available to date can be sent on request.
Exhibition at Blackpool Library, UK, 2014

Poetry written by school pupils during WW1

Here is a link to a news report about the opening of the exhibition Poetry Written by Schoolchildren during WW1 on 17th March 2018:

Previous exhibitions include that featuring some of the poets involved in the Battles of Messines (Mesen), Passchendaele and after in 1917, Poets of the Battle of Arras in 1917, Poets of the Somme 1916, Female Poets of the First World War, Inspirational Women of World War One and Fascinating Facts of the Great War. 

Please note The Wilfred Owen Story is no longer in Birkenhead but is now in West Kirby Arts Centre, 29 Brookfield Gardens, West Kirby, Wirral CH48 4EL, UK

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