Wednesday, 19 August 2015

Replies regarding the author of the poem 'The Red, Red Road to Hooge'

Michael Day and James Grant Repshire both kindly replied and re-tweeted my Tweet asking for help in finding the author of the poem 'The Red, Red road to Hooge' mentioned in an earlier post.

Michael sent me this reply :

Quick searches reveal several other versions of this poem published during the war, but none seem to be earlier than the Burton Daily Mail version that you have referred to. 

Here are those that I've found: The Brecon County Times, 24 February 1916, published a version referring to the "Medical and Ambulance Brigade," attributed to Private T. Peace, R.A.M.C., B.E.F. 

The Whitby Gazette, 24 March 1916 published a version adapted in various places to refer to the Royal Fusiliers and the Rifle Brigade; it was attributed to Lance Corporal W. Marshall, Royal Fusiliers, attached Military Mounted Police, the son of Robert Marshall, Smith's Yard, Church Street, Whitby. It is described as "a description of the advance on Hooge, September 25th 1915." 

The Ottawa Evening Citizen, 14 June 1916, published a 'Canadian' version that it explained as being: “enclosed by Brig.-Gen. Victor Williams to Col. Gwynne of the Canadian militia, in a letter under date of May 29.
James suggested searching the archives of the Staffordshire Regiment and I have sent an e-mail to the research department of the Regiment's museum.

Many thanks indeed Michael and James.