Monday, 29 August 2016

George Upton Robins (1878 – 1915) – British

George Upton Robins was born in Wheathampstead, St. Albans, Hertfordshire in 1878.  His parents were Geroge Upton Robins, a Justice of the Peace, and his wife Emma Flora, nee Sheppard.   Young George’s siblings were Flora, Mary S. and Elsie I.

In 1905 George married Beryl Stevens at St. George’s Church in Hannover Square, London.  The couple lived in Windsor.

George joined the 3rd Battalion of the East Yorkshire Regiment.  At the time of his death on 5th May 1915, he was a Captain and was attached to the 2nd Battalion of the Duke of Wellington’s (West Riding) Regiment.  He is buried in Railway Dugouts Burial Ground (Transport Farm) in West Flanders, Belgium.

One of George Upton Robins’ poems was included in “The Muse in Arms” WW1 Anthology, edited by Edward Bolland and published by Murray, London in 1917.   His poetry collection “Lays of the Hertfordshire Hunt” was published by A.L. Humphreys, London in 1912.  
Source:  "The Muse in Arms", Free BMD, Find my Past and Wikisource.  And with special thanks to Neil Thornton of Thornton Military Prints for finding out where George is buried.   Neil has just had his book about the Boer War - "Rorkes Drift A New Perspective" published -