Tuesday, 22 March 2016

Poetry written by schoolchildren during The First World War

Following up on a coincidence, I contacted Liverpool College who merged with Huyton College in 1993.  My letter was forwarded to the Association of Old Girls of Huyton College, whose representative, Jane Rooney, kindly obtained permission for me to reproduce the school's 1915 Magazine.  Here is one of the poems:

To Britons by Form Upper V (page 18 of Liverpool College Huyton's 1915 School Magazine)

O you who have the strength to aid the right,
Sons of a noble race from whom men gave
Their lives in freedom's cause, your armour bright
Mirrors the actions of the past;  now save
Your honour, keep your sacred word unsoiled.
Rise from your tasks of peace - for Might draws forth
The steel of war against the weak - that foiled
May be the oppressor's strokes.   See from the north
The invading host sweeps towards the fields of France.
Take up the arms your fathers bore of old,
Unsheathe the sword of Justice, couch the lance
Of Truth.  Be sure your deeds, although untold,
Will live a testament to Britain's name
And stir to fiercer blaze her glory's flame.