Friday, 22 April 2016

Mini Review: "Apollinaire, Cocteau & Others: French Poets of the Great War"

"Apollinaire, Cocteau & Others: French Poets of the Great War" is a new book by Michael Copp, published by Austin Macauley Ltd. 

Michael has included his own translations of eleven French poets of the First World War, choosing, in his own words 'to follow Vladimir Nabokov's principle of what he calls 'Literal' translation, that is, sticking as closely as possible to the associative and syntactical demands of the original language…' Among the poets in the book apart from Cocteau and Apollinaire, are René Arcos, Marcel Martinet, Henry-Jacques and Léon Chancerel. To my mind, this book will be a 'must' for anyone truly interested in the poetry of the First World War.

Source:   An article written by Michael Copp and published in 'The Wilfred Owen Association Journal; 2016, Issue 1' pp 17-22.