Saturday, 27 December 2014

Poets who were Prisoners of War during WW1

John BALFOUR, a Prisoner of War wrote "Ruhleben Poems" published in "Estonian Review, 1919.

Archibald Allan BOWMAN (a POW in Germany) published "Sonnets from a Prison Camp" in 1919 with the Bodley Head publishing company.

Frederick William HARVEY (DCM, Lieutenant in the Gloucestershire Regiment). Prisoner in Gutersloh and Crefeld.  "Ducks and other verses", published by Sidgwick and Jackson, 1919 and "Farewell", Sigfwick & Jackson, 1921.

R.H. SAUTER, "Songs in Captivity", Heinemann, 1922

Lieutenant John STILL with the East Yorkshire Regiment (POW in Turkey),  "Poems in Captivity", Bodley Head, 1919

Alec WAUGH (brother of Evelyn), Dorset Regiment, taken prisoner in 1918. "Resentment", Grant Richards, 1918.

I am sure there must be others and will do my best to find them.

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  1. For F.W. Harvey it is also worth noting his poetry collections "A Gloucestershire Lad at Home and Abroad" (1916), which was mostly written in the trenches, and "Gloucestershire Friends - Poems from a German Prison Camp" (1917), which was written while he was a POW and mailed home to be published. Both were published by Sidgwick & Jackson, who also published his memoirs of his time as a POW titled "Comrades in Captivity - A Record of Life in Seven German Prison Camps" (1920), which also included poems interspersed among the chapters.