Thursday, 7 October 2021

A poem in remembrance of Arthur Walderne St. Clair Tisdall, VC

 The following poem is on page 120 of the book entitled “Verses, Letters and Remembrances of Sub-Lieutenant Arthur Walderne St Clair Tisdall, V.C”, published in London in 1916 by Sidgwick and Jackson. The writer of the poem is one L.C. but who was L.C.? Does anyone know?

HE stood upon Life’s threshold, girt with grace,

Equipped by Nature, trained with skilful art,

Keen for the Contest, poising for the start,

Conscious of power:  in the swift, long race

Through the great world’s immeasurable space

Ready to pierce, with eager mind and heart,

As arrows through the hazy sunlight dart,

A straight, strong course, a great career to trace.

The Race is run!  Far off a soldier’s grave

On alien shores marks where a hero lies,

Honoured, beloved, brave among many brave

Who sleep with him ‘neath hostile Eastern Skies.

A Greater World’s immensity of scope

Stretches before  him, radiant with hope!      

By L.C.