Tuesday, 19 March 2019

Sad news - Pierre Virey died on 14th March 2019

It is with great sadness that we tell you that Pierre Virey died last Thursday - 14th March 2019 - at the age of 86. 

Pierre was extremely supportive of this commemorative WW1 poetry project.  A French friend suggested I contact him some years ago and so began a wonderful exchange of correspondence, books and memorabilia about the poetry of the First World War.  Pierre and his family also very kindly made a pilgrimage to the Arras Memorial, where our Great Uncle, who was killed  on the first day of the Battle of Arras, is remembered.  They took photographs and left a poppy cross on behalf of our family.

Pierre lived  in France and was Professeur Agrégé  honoraire, Officier des Palmes Académiques, Ancien Professeur de Khâgne au Lycée Faidherbe, Lille, chargé de cours à Lille III et à la Catho Lille and ancien conseiller municipal.

Over the years, Pierre had amassed an enormous collection of First World War poetry from many countries and he translated those poems into French.  His work was truly amazing and very inspirational.  Pierre, who was a fluent English speaker, very generously shared his work, his vast knowledge of literature and his life-time of experience with me.

Pierre will be very sadly missed.